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Chef Wil Pelly and a bandmate were having some drinks after a gig they played together in 2018 and thought, "why don't we open a rock and roll taco shack?" Six months later, Wil and Becca's first location in New Town at St. Charles was open. 

With a punny menu, a quick-service walk up window and friendly service, we built our customer base, while serving traveling rock stars during concert seasons.  In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were approached about taking a chance at the restaurant space inside the Gaslight building, and decided that it was time to grow. 

We have been at our city location since August of 2021, and can't be happier! So, come visit us and see what the fun is all about.

Although they should have met over 20 years ago, Wil and Becca met in 2016 through mutual friends. With backgrounds in both music and food, they quickly fell in love, and jumped at the opportunity to open their own spot in 2019. They both have a passion for food, hospitality, Iron Maiden, and this city that they love so much.

You'll see both of them at the restaurant daily, maybe hear them on local radio morning shows, maybe even catch them in the wild at a concert they're catering. If you do, please say hi! 

When not at the restaurant, Wil can be found playing in several local bands, while Becca teaches lessons out of their home on the Hill. Other than their taco baby, they have two cats, sisters Ann and Nancy Chillson, who are the official mascots of Rock Star Tacos and who love music as much as their Mom and Dad.


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